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Why And How Creators Should Build Their Own Personalised Platforms?

At the core of all social media platforms are creators working hard to crank out content that follows the guidelines and matches the style of each app. For over a decade, creators have shared content on these platforms without total control over the content they produce. While this approach has worked since the inception of social media apps, I think it’s time for creators to be in complete control. As the COO of a company that offers a platform builder for creators, I believe creators should consider creating their own personal platforms to unleash their ultimate fandom and reach new heights in their business. With the ability to directly monetize, authentically build a fan community and own data that can help grow their business, creators can work toward developing a powerful voice in the creator economy.

Here are three reasons why creators should develop their own customizable and personalized platform, and my advice for doing so:

1. Addressing The Causes Of Burnout

Burnout for creators is real. According to Vibely data (via ION), the most-cited causes of creator burnout include:

• Changes to the algorithm (65%).

• Making a living (59%).

• Constantly having to come up with new ideas and post to new platforms (51%).

Creating steady streams of content on each platform and staying within each respective platform’s guidelines while keeping up with frequent changes can be very stressful.

Operating on their own platform means creators can distribute content their way, within their guidelines, exactly how they want it to operate, and with all content living in one place.

2. Aggregated Data To Inform Business Decisions

It’s no secret that data from each social media platform can help inform impactful decisions that can transform a creator’s business. But what about when the data is spread across multiple sources and you have difficulty understanding the meaning behind each figure? Data is only helpful with a streamlined way to understand it.

To facilitate quick and efficient decision-making, creators should analyze large amounts of various data types. Operating on one platform means creators will no longer have to spend countless hours studying data from multiple platforms; rather, they can gather it in one place.

3. Increased Opportunities For Direct Monetization

Lucrative brand deals are incredible for creators, but there are numerous other ways to monetize content. If creators develop their own platforms, they can completely control the way they monetize and may be able to take advantage of more avenues for earning.

Various monetization tools creators can consider implementing on their platforms include, but are not limited to:

• Merchandising and e-commerce: Consider selling custom merchandise, goods and items.

• Direct messages: Arrange for personalised messages to celebrate fans’ life moments, big or small.

• Donation buttons: Provide the opportunity for fans to easily support their favourite creators.

• Exclusive content: Share content fans can only see on your own platform for a fee.

• Subscription models: Customise subscription programs that cater to your strengths.

If you’re a creator and looking to make the exciting decision to operate from your very own platform, there are several areas of research that can help guide you toward creating the ideal experience for you and your fans.

Questions To Address As You Build Your Platform

1. What is most important to your followers, also known as your fans? Is it getting exclusive content, having that one-to-one communication available, or having access to merchandise before it is available to the general public? Understanding this type of information will help shape your platform to cater to your most diehard fans.

2. What are your fan demographics? Is it mostly the Gen Z crowd who are comfortable with technology, or do you also have folks who need guidance upon opening a site or app? Knowing how your fans interact will help you determine the layout of your homepage.

3. What are your largest revenue drivers? Figuring out your most lucrative offerings will help you determine the best opportunities for monetization. Your platform should give the fans what they crave while making you more money in return.

4. What’s missing from your current experience? Is there something your fans have been asking for but you haven’t been able to fulfil? Take any time you gain back with your new approach to give the fans what they want.

5. What can you do to make fans feel more special and add a personal touch to their engagement with you? Being the common thread that brings people together is an exciting honour that you should celebrate.

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