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Q. Why should I join Fanory?

That’s an important question. Let us put it this way: Fanory is the perfect solution for creators who are looking to monetize their superfans and create a bespoke engagement experience. Unlike other social media platforms that focus on reach and engagement, Fanory is specifically designed to prioritise monetization and provide you with the tools to turn your passion into profit!

What sets Fanory apart is our dedication to empowering creators. We understand that as a creator, you deserve a platform that not only allows you to connect with your superfans but also helps you monetize your content effectively. Think of Fanory as a ‘Shopify’ for creators, where you can create your own destination and cultivate deeper connections with your fanbase.

At Fanory, we also give you full control and ownership. You maintain 100% control over your customer data, and if you ever decide to leave the platform (but we really hope you don’t), you can easily export and retain those valuable fan relationships you've built. Our platform offers a personalised app experience for your followers, providing them with exclusive content, merchandise sales, and unique monetizable interactions - frankly, it’s fan service like never before!

We provide dedicated support to help you navigate the platform and maximise your monetization potential. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we are constantly listening to user feedback and market trends, ensuring that Fanory evolves and introduces new features to support your growth. At the end of it all, we just want you to become the contentpreneur that you’ve always aspired to be.

In summary, Fanory is the platform that prioritises your monetization goals as a creator, offers full control and ownership, enhances fan engagement, and provides dedicated support. We're here to help you unlock the true potential of your superfans and create a thriving monetization ecosystem.


Q. Does the creator own the customer data? 


At Fanory, we believe that the creator 100% owns the customer data - no fineprint necessary. We respect your ownership rights and understand the value of your fanbase. Even if you decide to leave the platform (although we really hope you don’t), you will have the option to export and take away your fans data, ensuring that you maintain full control over your valuable fan relationships. But do note, since they’re registered users of the Fanory platform, their details will be available to us since they could also be part of our other apps. 


Q. How long does it take to set up my app?


Since Fanory is all about helping you build your creatorverse as effortlessly as possible, we’ve launched our zero touch onboarding which enables a creator to set up their own web app in a matter of a few hours. For the personalised app, the setup depends on factors like the complexity of your requirements and the customisation you desire, as well as approval of the marketplaces (App store & Play Store). Typically, the setup can range anywhere between 7 to 15 days. All said and done, we promise to work closely with you to ensure a seamless setup experience!


Q. How do I manage my content? Will you do the content management for me?


The Studio App provides you with the tools and features to manage your own content. You will have full control over the creation, curation, and publication of your content on the app - all in one place! At the end of the day, we’re here to empower you to maintain your creative vision and ensure that your content resonates with your superfans - and we don’t want anything getting in the way. Our Studio App is user-friendly, making it easy for you to manage and update your content without relying on external assistance; just the way it should be.


Q. Who posts the content?


As the creator, you have the responsibility to post and manage the content the audience sees. Apart from giving you full control over your content, this also allows you to maintain authenticity and engage directly with your superfans. You can  access posting content and going live through your personalised Studio App. This way, you can create and publish content that aligns with your unique style and resonates with your fanbase, ensuring an immersive and personalised experience for everyone involved!


Q. Can my social media manager use the app for me?


Yes, your social media manager can use the Studio app on your behalf - even though you’re the one pulling all the strings! We’d made the webapps such that you can easily grant them access to manage your app and handle content updates, engagement with fans, and other related activities. This allows you to collaborate with your social media manager while maintaining control and oversight over the content and interactions on the platform.


Q. What if I want new features? Can you make them for me?


Fanory is (and always will be) creator-first, which means that we value all kinds of feedback from our creators and are continuously working on improving and expanding our features. If you have specific feature requests or ideas, we are open to considering them for future updates. Our dedicated development team strives to enhance the platform based on user needs and market trends, ensuring that you have access to innovative tools and functionalities to further monetize and engage with your superfans.


Q. Will I have dedicated support to help me manage the app?


Yes, at Fanory, we provide a Creator Success Partner to assist you in managing your app. Our support team is available to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter while using the platform. We are committed to providing you with the guidance and assistance you need to make the most of this experience, all while creating wholesome, meaningful relationships with your fanbase!


Q. Who owns the published app in case I want to discontinue my association?


In such an unfortunate scenario of parting ways (although we really hope it doesn’t get there), according to the contractual terms, Fanory would be forced to terminate the access to the app for the Creator as well as the fans. Any balance revenue share/payments pending to the Creator shall be decided and paid (if applicable) post completion of refunds & payment to its users/subscribers/audience. Unfortunately, the published app would cease to exist. The Intellectual Property including (but not limited to) source code, admin access to software would not be handed over to the creator. 


Q. What kind of content is not allowed on the app?


While we encourage creators to express themselves and engage with their superfans, there are certain content guidelines in place to ensure a safe and positive environment. Content that violates our community guidelines, including but not limited to explicit or adult content, hate speech, harassment, or illegal activities, is not allowed on the Superstar App. At Fanory, we strive to maintain a supportive and inclusive community for both creators and superfans. 


PS: Please read our T&C and Content Guidelines that have been shared with you for more information. 


Q. How does Fanory help me monetize my superfans?


Fanory provides you with a personalised app where you can engage with your superfans in a unique and monetizable way. Each interaction on the app, whether it's exclusive content, merchandise sales, or even experiences that you have strategised, presents an opportunity for you to generate revenue - we weren’t kidding about monetizing your influence (and your dreams)! The personalised app could be a webapp or a native app published in the app marketplace (and it’s all very easy to use). Fanory empowers you to turn your passion into profit by offering a platform dedicated to monetization.


Like we’ve said before: let’s turn your social currency into actual currency.


Q. What kind of control do I have over the content and engagement on the Superstar app?


Since you’re literally the star of the show, you have full creative control over the content and engagement on the Superstar app. You can curate personalised experiences, offer exclusive content, and showcase merchandise that resonates with your superfans. We believe in empowering creators to maintain their authenticity and creative vision while providing the tools to monetize effectively.


Q. How do I get started with Fanory? Is there a cost involved?


We’re glad you asked! Since Fanory wants to make your life super easy, getting started with us is simple and there is no cost for setup. You can reach out to our team, and we will guide you through the onboarding process. We understand the value you bring as a creator, and we are committed to making the initial setup as seamless and cost-effective as possible. Everything aside, we do take a small share out of the revenue you make only to cover our cost bases and earn our bread and butter (but you’d hardly notice it!)


Q. Will Fanory interfere with my existing social media presence?


Fanory has its product designed to complement your existing social media presence rather than interfere with it - you’re our MVP and we want you to live the best life possible. Our product acts as an additional platform where you can engage with your superfans on a more personalised level and create a dedicated space for monetization. While you can continue using your other social media platforms as usual, we’d like you to think of Fanory as a way to deepen that connection with your most dedicated supporters!


Q. How will Fanory benefit me compared to other platforms or tools available?


Fanory is specifically tailored to the needs of creators, focusing on monetization and fostering stronger connections with their superfans. While other platforms may prioritise reach, Fanory is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your superfans by offering a personalised app and monetization opportunities for every interaction. We provide a seamless experience, combining engagement and revenue generation in one powerful platform - all you have to do is rule your empire!


Q. How is Fanory different from an Instagram Subscription?


While Instagram Subscription allows creators to offer exclusive content to their subscribers, Fanory goes above and beyond by providing a dedicated app where you can create a personalised destination for your superfans. Fanory offers a comprehensive platform for monetization, including opportunities to sell merchandise, offer unique experiences, and engage in direct monetizable interactions with your superfans, creating a more holistic approach to fan engagement and revenue generation - we call it your creatorverse!


FAQS – Fans 


Q. How can I access exclusive content from my favourite creator on Fanory?


Since we’re all about connecting creators to their fans in the easiest ways possible, Superfans can access exclusive content by downloading the native app from the app store or visiting the creator's web app to unlock bonus features through our pay-per-view model.


Once you’re logged in, you'll have access to all the premium content and experiences offered by the creator of your choice. Like we said, we like to keep it really simple!


Q. How does the pay-for-DM feature work on Fanory?


We’re glad you asked! With our special pay-for-DM feature, you have the opportunity to directly message and engage with your favourite creator whenever you wish for it. Simply choose the pay-for-DM option, spend your coins, and send in your heartfelt message!


Remember: even though this feature allows you to have personalised interactions and direct communication with the creator, you need to be mindful of their boundaries and personal constraints!


Q. Can I participate in live interactions with the creator on Fanory?


Yes, you absolutely can! As a brand that believes in fostering more meaningful relationships between creators and their fans, Fanory 100% provides the opportunity to engage in live interactions with your favourite creators. 


You can choose to join live sessions, Q&A panels, or even virtual events that have been organised by the creator through the app - engage with your favourites in real-time and have wholesome, heartstring-tugging conversations!


Q. How can I purchase merchandise from the creator's thrift store on Fanory?


Sometimes, you might see something fashionable on your favourite creator’s account that you’d really like to own. Well, we got you now! Fanory’s special Thrift Store™ feature allows you to do exactly that - browse and purchase merchandise directly from all your favourite creators!

Within the app, you'll find the creator's Thrift Store™ section where you can explore and buy items such as clothing, accessories, or other exclusive products. Simply select the items you want to purchase and proceed with the checkout process. Voila, you’re now the proud owner of a cool new look!

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